Contribution Welfare Event


Contribution Welfare Event

On the occasion of  8 months releasing Kingdom GO. we would want to hold a Contribution Welfare Event
Event time: 4:00 January 22nd - 4:00 January 31st

Each topups 50,000 Diamond or more,  all players will get 500 Diamond + 2 Turkey
If you topup 50,000 Diamond or more, you will be honored in Fanpage AND have the right to select 1 of these giftpacks after each topup amount:

1. Super Material x50
2. Great Forging Stone x30
3. Formation Book x25
4. Combo: Super Material x20, Great Forging Stone x20, Formation Book x10

- This event apply once a day from 4:00 January 22nd - 4:00 January 31st
- Players could choose to claim 1 reward each day if you Top up 50,000 Diamonds a day (10 times maximum coresponding to 10 days)
- The rewards will be sent to the character who had Topped up
- Please inbox us through Fanpage, provides your information and choose the rewards pack to claim the rewards
- Rewards will be sent only after you provides your information, and you will receive it within 24 hours

Good luck,
Kingdom GO team.