The Four Commanders Combo Event


The Four Commanders Combo Event

-Event Time4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
-Event ItemsTalent Keys (drops in Campaign Map, Top-up reward), Medicine (drops in Campaign Map and Spending gift)
+ Talent Keys will be used in Nine Diagram event, each key is one time flipping.
+ Medicine can exchange for items in Material Shop.

*Tips: Try to clear the maps as many time as you can to claim Talent Keys and Medicine.


1. Login

Server: All servers
Event Time: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
​Rules: Login everyday to receive rewards.

2. Cumulative Top-up

Server: All servers
Event Time: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
​Rules: Top up to a certain amount of Diamond to claim the reward 
- Cumulatively Top-up just 2000 Diamond to claim Lucky Wheel Ticket
- Cumulatively Top-up to 40,000 Diamond to claim Hero Scroll - 3 Kingdoms 

3. Spending

Server: All servers
Event Time: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
​Rules: Spends a certain amount of Diamond to claim valuable reward
*Note: Spending 20,000 Diamond to claim Lucky Wheel Ticket

4. Promotion Top-up 100%

Server: All servers
Event Time4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
*Note: Top-up to claim Talent Key for more flipping time in Nine Diagram, reset daily at 4:00 (UTC+8), the progress is reset daily.

5. Top-up in a row

Server: All servers
Event Time4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
​Rules: Cumulatively charge 300 Diamond for 6 days to claim tons of food

6. Material Shop

ServerAll servers
Event time4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
Information: Use "Medicine" to exchange items.

7. Nine Diagram: Flip to Claim Gan Ning & Zhao Yun skin

Server: All servers
Event time
- The First Nine Diagram: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 14th (UTC+8) 
- The Second Nine Diagram: 4:00 January 14th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 

Rules: Players use Talent Key, which can be obtained by raiding Campaign Map, to flip the diagram cards. Cumulatively flip the cards to claim the following rewards:

The First Nine Diagram Rewards

The Second Nine Diagram Rewards

8. Lucky Wheel

Server: All servers

Event time: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 

Rules: Players collect Lucky Wheel Tickets from the above event to spin for the reward.
*Note: Try to spin for the Hero Scroll - 3 Kingdoms

9. Recruit Super Heroes

Server: All servers
Event Duration: 4:00 January 11th - 4:00 January 17th (UTC+8) 
Information: In Tavern, recruit for specific times to claim:

Reward 1: Cumulatively recruit 100 times in Tavern, get Hua Man x2
Reward 2: Cumulatively recruit 200 times in Tavern, get Lu Meng

Reward 3: Cumulatively recruit 300 times in Tavern, get Lu Bu
Reward 4: Cumulatively recruit 400 times in Tavern, get Lu Bu "Demon's Armor"

- Super Recruit is counted as 1 recruitment. 
- Elite Recruit is counted as 10 recruitments.


Good luck,
Kingdom GO team.