[Feature] Forge


This feature is important for every players, and will be used frequently. It contain several functions such as:
- Reborn
- Retire
- Down Star
- Combine
- Split
- Inherit

1. Reborn introduction:

Each Lord in Three Kingdom GO could lead hundreds of generals, possessed tons of upgrade materials. Therefore, they sometimes need to retrieve materials without losing generals. This function could help players to solve this problem. When a general get reborned, all materials use on such general will fully be refunded.

2. Retired introduction:

This function is useful for retrieving "General soul" from unsuable General. Tick on the general which you would want to retire and press "Retired"

-Only General in original status can be Retired
-After Retiring, the general will disapear and players retrieve "General soul". The amount of Soul that players retrieve depend on the star of General and the number of General that being retired.

3.Down star introduction:

This function is being used when players want to degrade generals. In order to do so, players must choose "Down Star" function in Forge then press Down star to retrieve General Soul which was used on that generals.

Lords can choose to sell exceed generals' cards by choose "Only sell excess General Cards"

4. Combine function:

The function helps to combine Item pieces together to be a completed item.

5. Split function:
If players have items that is unusable, this function can aid everyone to retrieve materials from such items.
Choose "Split" in Forge and choose the item that you need to split and Tap "Split" to retrieve materials.

6. Inherit function:

Inherit will support players to transfer materials, levels, upgrades, etc. from a general to other one or items to other items.