[Feature] Guild War


New Feature: Guild War


Guild War will occur on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Guild War has several phases mentioned below:
- 9:00 - 20:00 (UTC+8): Registration
- 20:00 (UTC+8): The system will match two guilds with similar guild points to battle
- 21:00 (UTC+8): Guild War begins
- Activity time: 21:00 - 24:00 (UTC+8)
- Activity rules: Two guilds attack each other's base. Destroy opponent's base to claim victory.


- Soldier Bases can buff damage for the defenders. The attackers can skip the Gate to occupy Soldier Bases.
- Upon attacked, the defenders lose 5% HP each time. If defenders lv = attackers lv +20, there won't be 5% bonus dmg.
- In order to win, each guild has to destroy opponent's base before 24:00.
- Each player has four turns to attack, and they will have to wait 10 minutes between each turn.
- Heroes died in Guild War will be revived after 10 minutes. 

Attack enemy's bases to gain points, and defeat them for: Fame, Copper, Refine Stones, Orange Equipment Chests


Registration Instruction:

- Step 1: Tap Guild War feature 

- Step 2: Choose "Register"




Join Guild War to raise your guild point.



Guild Point Guides:

- After creating a new guild, the default guild point is 130.
- Guild point will determine guild rank. H is the lowest rank, meanwhile S is the highest.
- Guild members need to join Guild War to earn guild point.
- Victory/lost in Guild War will increase/decrease guild points.
- The table below shows guild ranks with corresponding guild points:

May the most powerful guild win!

Kingdom GO team,