[Feature] Stable


Warhorse is one of important items for increasing combat powers. "Stable" is a feature that could help players taming warhorses. Tap  to enter "Stable" feature

Taming warhorses costs Copper or Diamond:

Horse Feeder: costs 10000 Copper/time
Horse Keeper: costs 30000 Copper/time
Horse Trader: costs 50 Diamond/time

Horse Master: costs 120 Diamond/time

Players can obtain several items such as grass, horse pill, warhorse pieces, etc. and there are chance to receive warhorse directly from taming horses

Taming horses in Horse Trader 4 times could get

Taming horses in Horse Trader 12 times could get

Taming horses in Horse Trader 24 times could get

Lords, hurry up, taming more horses to increase combat power.