[Feature] Tavern


Lords need aid from generals to unify the country, and lords need to go to the Tarven to recruit qualified generals.

Three options are available in Tarven:

Normal Recruit: This option requires "Tarven Order", and players could receive general soul, skill cards, etc.
Super Recruit: Every 24h, players have one free recruit, otherwise, it costs 288 Diamond each recruit. The pack provides generals, general soul, etc.
Elite Recruit: To recruit 10 generals at a time, and 4 star general guarantee, players must spend 2550 Diamond for this pack

Players could search for the chance to recruit generals in "Today most appeared" list. The list shows which generals are more likely to be recruited that day. In addition, "Library" icon on the top-left side of Tarven helps players to search for information of every generals available in Kingdom GO.

Good luck, hope you guys could recruit as many Famous General to help you conquer the world.