[Feature] Battle Training


Feature: Battle Training

This feature provides Jade Soul, which can be exchanged for Heroes, Warbooks and several items such as:
- Ink (to enhance Warbooks)
- Copper
- Merit

Tap this icon and choose "Battle Training"

The feature will be shown up

Players need to choose the stage to challenge. After winning a stage, players can challenge a higher one, or choose other chapters. The more stages you pass, the more valuable rewards you will get. In addition, you can raid the stage after passing it with S result. 

The rewards can be exchanged for Heroes and Warbooks at Exchange.

Tap Ranking to see your Battle Training ranking

Try your best to recruit famous heroes and advanced warbooks, will you?
*Note: Jade Soul only use to exchange the heroes you already have.

Good luck, my warlords!

Kingdom GO team,