New Feature: Formation Tactics


New Feature: Formation Tactics


I. Upgrade Formation

Unlock Level: Lord's Level 70

This is a new feature to upgrade attack and defense of all heroes and soldiers. Also this feature unlock new formations for you to freely choose.

Upgrade formation guide

Step 1. Select "Formation"


Step 2. There are 4 Formations: Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Turtle 

Each Formation has 8 attributes: 4 attributes increase attack and defense by points, 4 attributes increase by percentage

The left collum is attributes applied to heroes, while the right collum applies to soldiers.

Step 3. To upgrade attack or defense, choose the attributes and tap EXP Book


* Upgrading materials can be obtained in Guild Tasks.

* Upgrading attributes will be applied to all 4 Formations.


- Enhance Attributes affect on all heroes in formation

- Attributes difference must not be over 10 levels

- Enhanced attributes are not related to formation

- Attributes can activate soldier attributes upon reaching certain level

- Attributes grant all heroes bonus combat power, but your combat power is the total of only 6 strongest heroes

- Attributes are not shown in the interface and it will automatically take effect in battle


II. Set Up Formation

This new formation feature unlock 4 new formations
Formation can be used in all activities in Kingdom GO. Select the suitable formation and start battle.

Wish you have a good time,
Kingdom GO team.