New Feature: Guild Task


Features: Guild Task

This feature is a new mean to obtain equipment, enhancing materials and formation book.

Condition: Reach Lord Lv.60 to enter this activity

There are two difficulties:

Way of Peace
Luoyang Chamber


Activity Time: The Guild Leader must set the start time.

Guild Task lasts for 35 minutes, and 10 more minutes to claim rewards after the battle.
Guild Task occurs 3 times a week. Register every day in: 7:00 - 23:30 (UTC+8). The Guild Task resets at 4:00 every Monday (UTC+8).

- Only Guild leader and Vice leader can register.
- Start time can be set at will, so Leaders should discuss it with members.
Tap this icon  to start the activity

Select your desired start time and difficulty

After successfully registered, it will countdown to the end. When it’s ready, the icon will be ignited.

Select the closest Boss to challenge

You can freely select your formation from now on. So let’s set your formation and move to the Boss

Select "Attack" to start the battle

You have to fight until Boss HP = 0% to move to the next one


- Upon defeated, the Boss will have a chest icon near its name to claim reward.
- If not defeated in 10 minutes, the Boss will auto regenerate its HP.
- Players can claim rewards within 10 minutes after battle ends.

Good luck,
Kingdom GO team.