New Feature: Rebirth


Feature - Rebirth

- Reach Lord's level 80 to unlock the feature.
- The number of Rebirth times will be defined as (N-20/5), in which N is Lord's level. E.g. Lord’s level 100 will give (100-20)/5 = 80/5 = 16 times.
- Hero’s level will be reset to 1 after Rebirth.
- Although the hero is reset to level 1, his/her attributes will stay UNCHANGED comparing to pre-Rebirth.
- Heroes will have bonus attributes after each Rebirth.
- The Rebirth bonus attributes of all heroes are the same.
- Step 1: Select Hero


- Step 2: Tap "Rebirth

- The hero’s level will be reset to 1. After that, he/she will get bonus attributes.
*Attributes before Rebirth 

*Attributes after Rebirth


- You will receive EXP Pills if your hero's level exceeds the required level.
- Each Rebirth costs 10,000 Refine Stones.
- The attributes will not increase when you upgrade your hero’s level back to the previous one. E.g.: If Xu Chu gets Rebirth at level 80, he will be reset to level 1 along with the attributes as he had at level 80. Therefore, when you level-up Xu Chu to 80 once again, his attributes won't increase. However, the attributes will continue to increase from level 81 as usual.

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