[Event] 7 Days Reward




Warlords can receive valuable gift after 7 days join us

Day 1: The package includes

Drumstick x1
Wood x5000
Copper x20000
Tarven Order x5


Day 2: Famous General - Zhang He package. It contains

Drumstick x1
Equipment material-low x6
Diamond x100
Zhang He x1


Day 3: Moonlight Robe package includes

Drumstick x1
Skill Cards x100
Tarven Order x5
Moonlight Robe x1


Day 4: Warlords can claim the following materials on the 4th day

Drumstick x1
Wood x10000
Equipment material-mid x4
Diamond x1000


Day 5: Warlords can claim Moonlight Crown instantly. The package includes

Drunstick x1
Tarven Order x5
General Soul x200
Moonlight Crown x1


Day 6: General Scroll package contains

General Scroll x1 (Claim 1 random Famous General)
Drumstick x1
Wood x15000
Refine Stone x200


Day 7: Claims Rainbow Fan instanly, along with valuable materials

Rainbow Fan x1
Drumstick x1
Skill Card x200
Equipment material-high x4

Good luck,