[Event] 30 Days Check-in Rewards


30 Days Check-in Rewards

★ Condition: Warlords need to cummulatively attends 30 days in a row to claim valuable materials, general lists, diamonds, etc.

Instruction: Tap on "Check-in" icon.

Check-in Gifts:

Day 1: Copper x20000
Day 2: Diamond x50
Day 3: Equipment material-mid x4 (double for VIP 1)
Day 4: Diamond x200
Day 5: List of Talents x1, get a random Talent General (double for VIP 2)
Day 6: Copper x40000
Day 7: Diamond x100
Day 8: Skill Card x150 (double for VIP 3)
Day 9: Diamond x300
Day 10: High Carving Stone x2 (double for VIP 4 )
Day 11: Copper x60000
Day 12: Diamond x150
Day 13: Refine Stone x150 (double for VIP 5)
Day 14: Diamond x400
Day 15: General Scroll x1, get a random Famous General  (double for VIP 6)
Day 16: Copper x80000
Day 17: Diamond x200
Day 18: Large EXP pill x50 (double for VIP 7)
Day 19: Diamond x500
Day 20: 3-5 Star Postcard x1 (double for VIP 8)
Day 21: Copper x100000
Day 22: Diamond x250
Day 23: General Soul x100 (double for VIP 9)
Day 24: Diamond x600
Day 25: General Order x1, get 1 free Elite Recruit  (double for VIP 10)
Day 26: Copper x150000
Day 27: Diamond x300
Day 28: Check Material Pack x3 (double for VIP 11)
Day 29: Diamond x700
Day 30: List of General x1, get to choose one Famous General (double for VIP 12)

Have a nice time,