Maintenance and Update


Maintenance and Update 

Notice: Kingdom GO team is honored to inform that we will conduct server maintenance for the new update.
Maintenance Time: 17:00 - 19:00 (UTC+8) on January 31st
Update Content:
-Unlock Guo Jia's skin
-Unlock Zhang Fei's skin
-Unlock Hua Man's skin
-Merge Order type
-New Hero: Shamoke

1. Merge Order type

From now on players can use Troop Order to upgrade all type of soldiers. We merge your old soldier order and sent it back to your ingame mail.
*Note: The mail will expire in a month, so please claim it as soon as possible
2. New Hero - Shamoke

Introduction: Ranged P.ATK hero, excels in fighting at single target enemy

4 Stars

Quality: Famous Hero

Profession: Archer

How to obtain: Events, Summon in Tavern, Hero Scrolls.


Hero Base Status:


Support Status:

Remember to Up-Star, Enhancement, Engrave, Upgrade Soldier, etc… to greatly increase the power of your Hero! I wish you all the best of luck and will soon obtain the new Hero Shamoke.

Good luck!
Kingdom GO team.