Maintenance and Update


Maintenance and Update 

Notice: Kingdom GO team is honored to inform that we will conduct server maintenance for the new update.
Maintenance Time: 17:00 - 19:00 (UTC+8) on March 7th
Update Content:
-New Feature: Awaken
-Unlock Campaign Map: Elite Mode
-Unlock Awaken Material
-Awaken Hero: Sun Quan

1. New Feature: Awaken Hero

When your hero reach 7 stars, the "Star Up" button will automatically change to "Awaken" Button, press such button to enter new feature

The list shows the hero list who can be awakened. However, we only unlock Sun Quan's awaken status this week. Awake hero to receive extra attributes, and awake them to Awaken+5 to unlock their new skins. 

Awake Hero to a specific level to upgrade their skills

Please check the following table for Awaken materials information

Image Materials Name Drops in
Awaken Spirit Elite Campaign Map, Events
Awaken Soul Elite Campaign Map, Events
Hero Card Events, Battle Training


2. Elite Mode Campaign Map

Press "Elite" Mode in Campaign Map to challenge the new maps

Rewards are much more handsome, but it cost 10 Food to fight each map

3. Awaken - Sun Quan

Hero Base Status:


Good luck!
Kingdom GO team.